I have problems with the use of my device

If a terminal is unusable (does not light, does not read the cards or wristbands, crash or bug) in order to try to correct the problem directly it is necessary to follow the following instructions.

If the terminal does not turn on

Even if you press the "power" button for 3 seconds, you must connect the terminal for at least 10 minutes. If the terminal still does not turn on in the case of an FX100 or FX200 you have to try with another battery.

If the terminal freezes

It is necessary to restart the terminal while maintaining the button "power"   during 6 seconds. If the terminal does not work after that it can be replaced if time permits.

If the terminal starts on an unknown screen

It happens that the terminal boot in "safe mode" and displays text on a black background (sometimes in Chinese). In this case, the terminal must be restarted by removing the battery from the terminal. When restarting, make sure you do not press the volume keys or that they are not pressed.

If the terminal doesn't connect to the Wifi

FX100 and FX200 terminals can only connect to a 2.4 GHz wireless network without a connection portal (public network with the need for a web browser to connect).

In all cases the terminals have in memory the following wifi network:

Password : famocoaccess

It is therefore possible to create a network sharing connection with a smartphone so that the terminals automatically recognize the network.

If the terminal does not respond to NFC reading

If the terminal does not detect NFC tag (no reaction when a staff tag is tapped on the NFC antenna to unlock the Cashless POS application) check that the tag is on the NFC antenna (not on the screen but on the NFC logo on the case of the terminal) and if necessary restart the terminal and test again. 

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