Give a refund

If on-site refund is available, the feature is possible via the refund function. In this case the user's cashless tag will be emptied of refundable credits and a registered disbursement.


The operator will have to:

  1. Open the Refund menu
  2. Add potential deposit returns and choose the refund method
  3. Tap the user's cashless tag and validate the order basket
  4. Tap the user's cashless tag
  5. Wait for the green pop-up for validation of the refund
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  • Only refundable payment methods are available for refunding balances.
  • If the Cashless tag has non-refundable or non-accounting credits, these will always be present on the tag after the refund.


If "return deposit" items are added but the tag has not purchased "deposit" items for an equivalent amount then the refund can not be made and these items will have to be removed.

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