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  Système Cashless >   Merchant

On your first login you can observe a merchant named as your Cashless System.

This merchant corresponds to your legal entity, the one that will collect by default online and on-site top-ups.

💡 If you are the only legal entity, or if you do not collect on behalf of third parties, a single merchant on behalf of your entity will suffice, you can skip this step !

You can create multiple merchants to differentiate sales and profit centers, and basically let you easily remunerate the receipts which you will have carried out on behalf of other legal entities.

To create a new merchant 

  1. Click on


  2. Fill in the name of the merchant (Name of the legal entity), and validate.


  3. Validate ✅

  4. Your new merchant is created ! 🎉


You will then be able to configure the legal information and determine a frequency of generation of Remittance batch for your merchants.

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