Configure legal information for remittance

When the holder of a contract receives money for the merchants, remittance can be automatically generated and transmitted to the merchant at a frequency defined by the holder of the contract..

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This section concerns you if you have a multi-merchant management with collection on behalf of third parties. Contact your Customer Support for any clarification.

Required informations

For the organization that receives the money For each merchant

The organization that collects the money is the contract holder, and the primary merchant.

  Cashless System >   Remittance >   Legal informations

  • Merchant name
  • Identification
  • IBAN
  • VAT number
  • BIC
  • Address



☝️ Important

  Cashless System >   Merchant >   Settings > General Informations

Remember to enter the email of the main merchant, otherwise the Remittances cannot be received safely.

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