Test your configuration

In order to be ready for the opening day, you must first test the configuration:

  • On each terminal, check :
    • that the profit center associated in Cashless Sync is the right one
    • that the cashier staffs tags unlock the POS cashless application
    • payment methods or desired items are present 
  • On some terminals :
    • top-up a Cashless tag with some credits on a cash desk (Cashless POS)
    • make a sale at a point of sale (Cashless TPE)
    • cancel a sale
    • cancel a top-up

  All set!


These few tests are not trivial, they make sure that, on the day of opening, the basics of the configuration work. Even if some adjustments may be necessary there is nothing worse than opening a cash register with a staff tag that does not unlock the Cashless POS application.

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