Cashless SYNC Features

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This article presents the content of the Cashless SYNC application when you discover your terminal and its apps. 

 ptio_-_sync_-_19.11_-_v2pro_-_info_1_EN___1_.png.         ptio_-_sync_-_19.11_-_v2pro_-_info_2_EN.png        Capture_d_e_cran_2021-03-09_a__14.35.07.png        

Service Status Organization Device Info Menu SYNCHRO

Unsynchronized transactions: for these transactions to be sent to the server, you must "Force synchronization". When the list reaches 0, all transactions have been synchronized and can be found in your exports. Only synchronized data is available in raw exports and in the Reporting interface.

Uncommitted transactions: transactions awaiting registration validation

Blacklist: blocked media

Online actions: all loads on and pre-sales awaiting delivery

Articles: number of articles configured on this profit center

Sellers: number of Staff Tags configured on this profit center (which can therefore unlock the POS application on this terminal)

Offline days left : Time remaining offline. A device that remains offline for too long (7 days by default without synchronization with the Core) will not be able to process transactions.

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