Import your configuration via a .csv file

The creation of profit centers, article groups and articles is relatively simple with the back office. However, when there are many things to configure, it can become tedious.

This is where the import/export buttons are useful at the different levels of the back office. 

the import creates items from a CSV file. It is also possible to modify the existing items if the name already exists.
the export allows to retrieve all the elements configured in order to import them into a new contract, or simply to make modifications on the file before reimporting it.


Importation must respect certain constraints: 

  • if during import, a linked item (an item group for an item) does not exist then the import fails
  • each column must respect the data type (decimals with ".", length of a string, etc.)

To simplify the management of these constraints we have configured a Google Spreadsheet to integrate these rules, just create a copy and follow the instructions:

Make a copy  

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