Create an article

Articles are created in a catalog for later addition to profit centers. On each profit center it will be possible to add only items available for sale.


If you want to use categories of articles to organize them, you must create them before you start creating articles. The info is here.

Create a new article

  Cashless System >   Merchants >   Articles > Catalogue

Articles are created from the Catalog of Articles menu by clicking on the button:


Information about the new article

A certain amount of information will be needed to create a new article.


The type of the article will be in most cases "Sale", here are the 4 types available

For a classic article on sale.
For an article that will credit (instead of debiting) the Cashless tag
Deposit and
deposit return
For complex deposit management


The complex deposit management involves different constraints. In the case of a first implementation of Cashless we do not recommend it. The deposit operation is detailed here.

Associate the article with a profit center

Once the type chosen, it is now necessary to choose the profit center(s) related to this article. This means that the article created will be available and visible on the chosen profit center(s).


The "Linked Groups" tab is used to group items into categories so that they are organized on the terminal's display.

  For info

Articles can also be added to a profit center from the Articles menu


In case there are many articles to configure, it is possible to use CSV import functions via the button


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